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Community Resource Guide

Purpose of the Community Resource Guide

The  Community  Resource  Guide  was  developed  in  collaboration  with  the  Court  to  provide  succinct  information of available community resources.  Counsel, Probation Officers, and stakeholders can utilize the guide to identify a variety of available community resources to address the needs and barriers specific to persons under supervision throughout the Southern District of Iowa.

The Community Resource Guide provides information on the following areas:

  • Healthcare/General Assistance
  • Housing
  • Treatment Services
  • Employment Assistance
  • Mental Health Resources

The guide is intended to:

  • Expedite viable release plans to the Court
  • Inform the Court and counsel of available resources
  • Provide viable solutions to common issues at release/detention juncture
  • Provide resources to persons under supervision

The resources contained in the guide are not all encompassing and were identified based on common needs and barriers specific to persons under supervision in the Southern District of Iowa.  Additional resources can be located at

For full information, please see the full guide.